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Honda is looking to take control of your jumps

Suginami City, Tokyo, Japan

If I had this when I was younger it would have saved me a lot of bumps, bruises, and scars. Jumps and me just didn't get along. I guess better late than never though. 
There are varieties of traction control and wheelie control and launch control…you get the picture. Now Honda's working on a form of control for when you and your bike aren't on the ground. Yes, that's right, jump control.

Honda has filed a patent for jump control. Honda photo

Honda has filed a patent for jump control. Honda photo

Honda has filed a patent for this new system which seems to indicate the company is serious about moving ahead with the idea. It sounds kind of alien at the moment, but so did all this other technology at one point, and if it can keep riders safer then that's a good thing. 
Like all other forms of intervention, it comes with multiple modes, A, B, C.

Jump control modes A, B, and C. Honda

Jump control modes A, B, and C. Honda

There are sensors and a forward-facing camera and image processing computer that work to assess the bike's orientation and react according to the mode you've chosen. When the bike's in the air, it tweaks throttle and brakes to adjust the bike's attitude, just like experienced off-roaders and motocrossers do. 

Mode A is the most dramatic as it slows your bike at the top of the slope to keep both wheels on the ground. Think of it as jump prevention rather than jump control.

Mode B assist with moderate jumps. It has a target-flight distance will adjust throttle based on the jump slope to ensure you don't exceed the distance. It aims to keep the bike level for a two-wheeled landing.

Mode C allows for a more nose-up attitude in the air to target a rear wheel landing. It will likely allow for higher speeds and longer jumps. 

It's been shown on an adventure bike and will likely be aimed at that market due to its popularity and rally racers. I can't see it being offered on motocross bikes for any practical reason not to mention excess weight. 

I do wonder if it will be offered as an option on bikes like the Gold Wing. I can't see that either, but I sure would like to. For now, there's this cool video.

Goldwing Motocross

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