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Scorpion EXO-AT960 - comfort and features in an affordable helmet

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Scorpion EXO-AT960 is a comfortable helmet. After a few rides it begins to develop that same feeling as a favourite baseball cap. I don't mean it gets all loose, floppy and sweat stained, just that when you're wearing it, it feels good, like a hug for your head. I'm a fan of the fit, but the wind noise is a little louder than I would like, although acoustics are good if you care to sing to yourself as I sometimes do. It's the only place where people won't complain about my singing. If you'd rather talk to others than entertain yourself, the helmet features a bluetooth port on the left side of the helmet. The forehead vent works reasonably well, but I couldn't detect any noticeable airflow from the chinbar vent, either while sitting or standing on the pegs and sticking my head up into the full airflow. As a modular helmet it's very easy to raise the chinbar with one hand. There's a red slider on the left side of the helmet, just aft of the chinbar pivot, to lock the chinbar in the up position. The EXO-AT960 adv helmet also has a retractable sun visor that moves up and down smoothly and is operated by another slider, on, you guessed it, the left side of the shell, this one along the bottom edge of the chin bar. The sun visor is easily removable. The peak visor is also detachable and the helmet comes with side covers to complete the full-face helmet look once the visor is taken off. You can take the liner out and wash it to keep your helmet a fresh and clean-smelling environment. If you wear glasses, Scorpion literature says that the cheek pads allow easy on and off for most styles of glasses. I'll have to take their word for it. I like the D-ring chin strap rather than the buckle-type retention system, but that's just my preference and I was glad this helmet came with the D-ring strap. The Scorpion EXO-AT960 is DOT certified and ECE 22.06 approved, reasonably priced, and good value for your money.

The EXO-AT960 is a good helmet.

The EXO-AT960 is a good helmet.

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