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28th Annual Ace Cafe Reunion September 2 to 4

Starts: Sep 2, 2022 Ends: Sep 4, 2022 3 Whitehall, England, United Kingdom

Who wouldn't want to take part in the 'World's Coolest Motorcycle Event'?
No one, that's who.

The Ace Cafe Reunion is Sept. 2 to 4. Facebook

The Ace Cafe Reunion is Sept. 2 to 4. Facebook

You can get your chance next weekend at the Ace Cafe Reunion weekend which runs Friday, September 2 to Sunday, September 4 at the Ace Cafe London premises, and on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

The Ace Cafe is legendary as being one of the hippest and most rad motorcycle and cafe scenes back in its heyday and things haven't changed much since then. It's still the essence of cool. The original cafe closed in 1969, but its memory and vibe lasted and stayed true. That's why 25 years later the first reunion took place. The reunion recognizes the unique history, culture and style of Ace Cafe London and the special role it holds in the UK biker scene and beyond.

Ace Cafe Reunion

Ace Cafe Reunion

This year it is not only the 28th annual reunion and the 20th anniversary of the cafe having fully re-opened in 2001, it is also 26 years since the first Ace Cafe Reunion held on the famous and ever popular seafront at Brighton in 1996.Way back in 1994, 12,000 people and 7,000 bikes took part in the first reunion and it's been popular and growing ever since.

See you at the Ace!

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