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Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club - Pioneer Ride

Starts: Sep 25, 2016 Ends: Sep 25, 2016 New Westminster, Bc, Canada


The__ Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club was founded in 1922 and is still an active club today, 94 years later. Check out the club at www.gvmc.ca and learn about the rides and activities of the club.__

Pioneer Run

In 2001, the GVMC Executive felt that the Club needed an extra Run to complete the Riding Season, so it was decided to set up a Run for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Because of the proximity to Thanksgiving, they thought it would be nice to have a turkey dinner in the clubhouse, at the end of the Run. Thus, it was called the “Turkey Run" with the first one being organized by Len Stenersen for the Fall of 2001. It was hugely successful with everyone enjoying the idea of a full course dinner at the end of the Run and became a regular event with Len continuing to organize the Turkey Run for 2002, 2003, and 2004.
During this period, the Club mourned the passing of several long term early club members culminating with the death of Barry “Bear" Illingworth. At this time, the Executive decided that we should have a Run dedicated to the Club Pioneers. Therefore, the Turkey Run became the Pioneer Run. Pat Peters, long time friend of Barry, donated a totem pole statue that belonged to Barry to become the topper for a Pioneer Run trophy. Len Stenersen set up this first Pioneer Run, trying to use as many pioneer roads in the Lower Mainland as possible, with a few questions for riders to answer along the way, and of course the popular turkey dinner at the end.

Visit www.gvmc.ca for more details on the Pioneer Run - $20.00 Bucks, a great ride with awesome people and a big dinner at the end of the day with some prizes.

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