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Women Riders Meet: What every rider should know

Starts: Apr 20, 2023 Ends: Jun 1, 2023

FB post 1 - Women riders meet - what every rider should know (3)

FB post 1 - Women riders meet - what every rider should know (3)

Are you an aspiring rider? A new rider? A struggling rider? Or an excellent rider who wants to brush up her knowledge?

This course is for you! During 4 interactive sessions of 1.5 hours, we will cover maneuvering, challenging starts, riding on different road surfaces, and our top 10 tips and tricks to ride your bike confidently and joyfully. You will have the opportunity to share any questions you may have and most importantly connect with fellow women riders and aspiring riders from all over the world :-)

Register here (Recording will be sent to those who can’t attend LIVE): [](

Price: 30 euros for the complete course (6 hours in 4 sessions), or 10 euros per session

Note: 30% of the revenue is used to sponsor low income women’s motorcycling training, hence encouraging their emotional and economic emancipation on 2 wheels.

About the speaker:

Linlee Solms is affectionately known as the “go-to-girl” in Cape Town for anything motorcycle related! She has been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years, owned and managed a motorcycling academy and has taught over 2000 people to ride and pass their licenses. She has taken many lady riders on motorcycling tours all over the Western Cape and interviewed some of the most influential women in motorcycling in South Africa on their platform Bikers Emporium, co-created with her daughter Beau. 

She spent the last 14 months selling motorcycles for BMW Motorrad and loved riding every model from the entry level 310cc to the bold and beautiful 1800cc R18.

It is safe to say that she has a lot of motorcycling experience and deep knowledge which she loves sharing with women riders and aspiring riders.

Agenda Module 1 - Moving your motorcycle

1.1)  Backwards, forwards and in circles

1.2)  In small spaces – on the side stand.

1.3)  On gravel

1.4)  Balancing like a boss: off the bike; on the bike (slow ride)

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Be able to guide your motorcycle in challenging spaces – by hand.
  • Have learnt some new tricks on gravel.
  • Have gained some new maneuvering techniques.

Time: 90 minutes incl. Q&A

Agenda Module 2 - Challenging starts

2.1) Complicated driveways

2.2) Inclines & declines – camber, steepness, decline, immediate turns

2.3) Too short for your bike?

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Learn the art of prediction = calculate potential hazards
  • Know how to execute potential hazards.
  • Mount & dismount like a pro – especially for shorter riders.

Time: 90 minutes incl. Q&A

Agenda Module 3 - Riding on different Road Surfaces

3.1) Tar: dry, wet, oil, obstacles, loose stones on tar

3.2) Gravel (stones, rocks)

3.3) Sand (dirt roads)

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the importance of different riding techniques
  • Know how to adapt your riding to different surfaces

Time: 90 minutes incl. Q&A

Agenda Module 4 - 10 Top Tips & Tricks for every rider to remember

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Have learnt new techniques, tips and tricks that will enhance your riding ability.
  • Have gained the CONFIDENCE to ride with joy.
  • Be a more knowledgeable rider.

Time: 90 minutes incl. Q&A

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11 months ago

Rev up your skills at the Women Riders Meet! Linlee Solms shares her expertise in 4 sessions covering maneuvering, starts, road surfaces, and riding tips. Empowerment and community included!