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St. Martins Sea Caves, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

scenic/reststop 126 Big Salmon River Road, Bay View, New Brunswick, Canada

St. Martin Sea Caves along the Fundy Trail are part of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere. Getting here is an eye-fill of a motorcycle ride on new pavement with plenty of lookout stops. When you arrive, feast your eyes on the red sea caves in the distance - they become highly impressive. Photo courtesy LucieG-Stock

Parking is available just past the Caves Restaurant for access to the beach and Sea Caves.

You can walk across the rocks over the sea floor and into the caves masterfully created by the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy. It's an easy walk and well worth it. Explorers have to cross a little brook to reach the caves. If you don't bring flip-flops or water shoes you can go barefeet. When you get to the sea caves, it's a lot of fun to explore. As you enter, it gets darker and darker and water drips all over the walls. It's free to visit.

Check the tide schedule for St Martins to be in the area at low tide.

Inside St. Martin Sea Cave by lucieg-stock

Inside St. Martin Sea Cave by lucieg-stock

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