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A ride in the farmland.

Distance: 89.1 Km / 55.5 Mi Duration: 02:30:52

The ride started as a up river ride but turned into a gravel road slide around corner haul butt farmland run. I was able to find some great old farm houses and even a Roadside 1800s grave site... if you have a city boy ride... don't even think about it... the gravel here is all loose and big, unlike mise Arkansas gravel roads. This trip was hindered by all the huge tractors blocking my way and making it very dusty. The 30mph south winds were a problem too but I stuck with it. The gps turned off on the entire first hour ride up the river but I had some fun there but the slow speed limit here is driving me nuts.... geez I'm from Texas and 75mph is our county Rd limits.

an old farm house

an old farm house

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