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From Elk Falls Park to Gold River and back to Elk Falls through Strathcona Provincial Park, BC

Distance: 220.1 Km / 137.2 Mi Duration: 03:57:12

Gold River Hwy

Gold River Hwy

This motorcycle route is probably the best in Vancouver Island and just perfect for sport bike riders. The road is full of sweet twisties, in great condition and offers amazing views of the Strathcona Provincial Park. You'll see practically no traffic and there's very little law enforcement.

Start at Elk Falls Park and take the Gold River Hwy towards Gold River. You'll be riding through Strathcona Provincial Park, the oldest park in BC and the largest in Vancouver Island. When you hit the junction with Gold River Road, turn around and when you pass the bridge turn right onto Westmin Road to ride along the shoreline of Buttle Lake. Then, head back to Elk Falls Park, where you'll find the end of the route.

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