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I-10 - From Tucson to Phoenix, Arizona

Distance: 186.4 Km / 116.1 Mi Duration: 01:43:49

From Tucson ride your motorcycle to Phoenix taking Interstate 10 northwest for 110 mi (177 km)

A city of 4.2 million people, Phoenix is located near the Sonoran Desert. It's the 6th most populous city in the United States. Despite being near desert Phoenix is a mecca for golf courses, featuring 185 of them with over 3,600 holes. Scottsdale is located within the Greater Phoenix Area and is home to Arizona Bike Week.

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121 months ago

You show a picture of the "graveyard" near Tucson. But you fail to mention just outside of town is the Pima Air Museum. They have several great planes on display as well as a great "engine room" where you can marvel at some of the engineering that went into making those planes fly.