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Lincoln Lake Loop

Distance: 124.5 Km / 77.6 Mi Duration: 02:13:13

Best short rides in Northwest Arkansas

One of my favorite little rides out of Fayetteville, AR. Start on Dickson Street - famous for great bars and grub, as well as ground zero for Bikes, Blues, and BBQ!

BBB 2014

BBB 2014

Head up the hill to North College, usually the busy route through town. Turn on North Street and we'll follow that all the way to our first lake, Lake Wedington. Coming out of Fay-town, heading West you'll be pleasantly surprised with a few twisties and some gorgeous back country.

Lake Wedington

Lake Wedington

Right after you enter the Ozark National Forest you'll want to slow down for a nice view of the lake. A few more twisties and then open 'er up for a nice straight stretch. Although the loop will turn before it, that nice run of 244 is one of my favorite local spots to really burn up some fuel.

The Southern route takes us on a true country back road, complete with chicken houses. Right after a down hill 15mph turn you'll see signs for Lincoln Lake on your left, beware of loose gravel. If you have time, stop and check out the trail. If you start on the South entrance of the Lake Trail Loop, you'll come upon the best part in no time, a scattering of cliff tops that overlook the entire lake. Truly a sight to behold, any day of the year!

Cliffs at Lincoln Lake

Cliffs at Lincoln Lake

Keep heading south. Next we hit a classic small town USA setting. Don't be surprised if the locals give you a wave just for passing through. If you are lucky enough to be here in the Fall you just might catch the Arkansas Apple Festival, save some saddlebag room for cider!

Time to head back East to Fayetteville, passing through the last few country fields through Prairie Grove and Farmington.

Hope you enjoyed this mini adventure, keep the shiny side up!

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