117 months ago

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Morning ride to the DRAGON !

Distance: 226.6 Km / 141.2 Mi Duration: 02:59:50

We left Middlesboro around 9 o'clock, we headed toward Lafollett and then hit I 75 south, we passed McGhee Tyson airport Knoxville Tennessee, and headed towards Maryville. We hung the left on 129, and headed toward the tale of the Dragon! 318 curves…in 11 miles! What a trip! We took a little rest, saw couple of friends from Middlesboro, believe it or not, bought a couple of T-shirts and hit the Dragon again! We took the scenic route back along the foothills Parkway, the top of the world, it was a great ride! Almost 9 hours on the bike… Wow! 🙂

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96 months ago

I was down there for the first time last month. Wasn't on my bike, but drove it in my car. Looking forwarded to going back down there to ride it this summer!


117 months ago

What a great trip.....first "long" bike trip we had in a while....west pulled over  a couple of times for food..., even stopped at the mall to walk around and get off our butts a little, ha,ha..believe it or not, I think the pinnacle , 2 mile ride is more challenging ....the dragon is longer, for sure....but the pinnacle....uphill hairpins, 90's, downhill.....pretty tough....