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Skaggs Springs Road to Geyserville, CA - High speed sweepers through winding redwood forests

Distance: 67.4 Km / 42.0 Mi Duration: 01:23:41

Skaggs Springs Road near Lake Sonoma is the place for speed and thrills. This is a well known, racetrack-type draw rural motorcycle road, but despite the publicity, it still gets minimal traffic. Some say Skaggs Springs is the closest thing to track riding on the road and as a result is popular with sport bike and dual sport riders. Expect more police presence on the weekends.

From California's Costal Highway 1 (about 90 minutes north of San Francisco), at Stewart's Point take Skaggs Springs Road inland. It starts out as a poorly paved one-laner winding through redwoods and leads into an awesome quality road with lovely, sunny, deserted high-speed sweepers. Some of the corners have run off!, some have guardrails and cliffs.

If you start from Route 101 (about 90 minutes north of Santa Rosa in the heart of Sonoma County) be aware the main road leading to Skaggs Springs Road is heavily patrolled with a 35 mph speed limit.


Best to go on the weekdays to avoid cars and patrols. Try to stay off the road early evening - this is a heavy deer area. The locals cagers are known to cross the line on blind corners so give yourself lots of room! Check your fuel before you start the ride, there are no services along the route. Finally, drive carefully; a one-vehicle motorcycle crash here is automatically issued a Reckless Driving citation, which means you can lose your license.

Don't just do this one road, explore the area while you're there. Enjoy the ride!

Skaggs Springs Road on a Honda CBR1000RR

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