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Training Day Part 1

Distance: 40.9 Km / 25.5 Mi Duration: 01:15:48

Sometimes, just wanting to get out on the bike isn't enough, and a destination is needed - even if it's only a turning point on a route. I know I've had days where I want to ride, but can't think of where to go or why. So I end up not going anywhere - and regretting it.

With my bike nearing it's next service, I decided to run up the mileage by revisiting an old concept I had some time ago, and ride from stop to stop along a train line. A concept I named 'Training Day'.

While this route isn't for everyone, the concept can be. Much like a pub-crawl, the challenge is to visit as many train stations as you can in any given day.

I opted to start near a local train station (Beenleigh) and head in toward Brisbane. Having googled 'Train Station' and observing the map results, I pieced together a route that would have me visit every stop toward the city. I copied the GPS URL and emailed it to myself to use on my phone for the ride.

Unfortunately I'd decided to depart on a particularly hot day with temperatures reaching 35.8C (96.44F). By 10:30am, at Salisbury Station, I was ready for a break. ...and so was my phone.

I have my phone mounted in a RAM mount on my bars and use that as a GPS. By the time I stopped, my phone was slow to respond and extremely hot to the touch. I'd been cooking it slowly over the two hours of riding and, going any further would risk irreparable damage.

After a energy drink and some fruit salad at the hardware cafe, I decided to take the long way home, rather than continue my route. I put my phone away and just rode the streets until I found myself home - in time for a celebratory midday beer.

I'll continue the ride another weekend, taking off from the next station in the route (Rocklea) and heading north.

From there, I'll probably head East and take in the Cleveland line. I'd initially planned to take the Western line to Toowoomba, but that was looking to be an 8 hour day at close to 400Km. Best to do this in bites.

I'm yet to explore the Northern suburbs - who knows where that will take me.

So, I challenge you; have a 'training day'. Visit every train station along a line. It's stop-start and wrought with traffic, but it can be an excuse to get out on two wheels.

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102 months ago

I've edited the route as it didn't seem to upload properly.
I should also note that I missed the Sunnybank Station.  When searching in Google, it took me to a Sushi Station, and I didn't bother to try adding a waypoint in mid-route.