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See all the people who move easily by bike, and maybe a friend or relative has become infected by the madness of the bike to work ... Then you definitely are resurfacing, the desire to continue to ride a bike! You're right: go on a bike is a source of well-being, it is an ecological means of transport that allows you to save time in traffic jams in major cities.

If you're convinced, follow our 10 tips to take back to ride a bike safely and without burning the stages.

1 - What kind of practice choose?

Luggage, trips trekking bike, bike to work, mountain bike or racing bike: how do you want to continue to ride a bike?

The important thing is fun to ride and appreciate the exits! Choose a type of practice you can do regularly, in summer and in winter, suitable for your taste.

2 - You should consult a doctor?

Yes, if you do not do the sport for a few years! Upon hearing the opinion of a doctor, ensure you that there are no contraindications to the resumption of cycling. If you want to make a more intense sport, also perform an exercise test ... you will learn more about the condition of your heart.

3 - You have to get a new bike?

Not necessarily. If you wield a dumbbell for a few years, you have two options to resume. Use the same bike you used before or take a bike new, modern and suitable for your type of practice.

If you decide to use the bicycle's a complete overhaul it is necessary, to avoid disappointment! In general, the tires and the air chambers are often dried and must be replaced. The chain must be oiled and controlled, and brake cables must be replaced if they are too hard when they are actuated.

4 - You have to re-learn to ride a bike?

No, do not worry ... cycling is something you will not forget! But you can lose the right reflexes. Take the time to become familiar with the bike in a quiet place before venturing on a busy road.

Run some exercise without fear of balance, braking, pedaling and departure to return to feel comfortable on two wheels!

5 - How many kilometers do for a first release?

Plan, it takes very calmly to resume! If you are a fan of two wheels can grind km, remember that resistance is built up step by step! Who wants to go the distance runs its "gait", so do not be too cocky when shooting. Calculates the first output of a few kilometers (maximum 15 to 20), with only one difficulty if you want to liven up a bit 'the way!

6 - large or small Multiply to resume?

Better whirl! Simply because the spinning legs allow you not to force too much and not to demand too much from the heart. The work on the cardio rhythm has to be done gradually.

Mulinare bike is the best way to work on the bottom and to burn fat.

7 - How often continue to ride a bike?

To progress and to take advantage of the benefits of cycling, the important thing is to ride every week. To go get the bread, go to the library, take a walk in the city or in the countryside or to resume training with the racing bike, play it the regularity! It is better to make regular short trips but does not make hundreds of kilometers once in a while.

8 - You have to push your limits?

No! Listen to your whole body and your feelings. If you're too tired you only do half a turn, even if before you did the same distance without any problems ... Rest for a few days before reprogramming output if you find it difficult to recover after the last session.

9 - Take to ride a bike: alone or in groups?

Make cycling in a group is a great source of motivation, especially when it comes to a recovery. Please contact friends and relatives to see if maybe someone had your own idea. If you can, arrange the outputs with cyclists with a level similar to yours, to travel at the same rate. Or subscribe to a few cycling group in your city that offers bike tours.

10 - Why is it important hydration?

No doubt, you have to hydrate even after doing a ride bike in the city! Hydration must be respected during and after any effort, both in hot weather is cool weather. For a good hydration, it must calculate an average of 1 to 2 sips of water every 10 minutes.

Ready to leave for many years on your bike? Helmet, reflective vest, reflectors, lights: do not forget the safety accessories, circular bike in town and country!

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