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5 of the Best Car Gadgets

Cardiff, United Kingdom

What do you get the auto lover in your life for Christmas? Well, we’ve come up with a list of some of the very best for you to take a look at and keep your car lover significant other happy this Christmas.

3D printed BMW / Audi iPhone mount

The whole concept of 3D printing is a very cool one and one that is being used increasingly in some of the best consumer products. A 3d printed BMW / Audi iPhone mount for your phone is also a practical addition. Made from strong black nylon plastic, with a matte finish – these cradles are placed in the cup holder and because of their design mean you always have a great view of your phone screen and ensuring it’s always easy to reach.

You can get a 3D printed iPhone holder for your BMW or your Audi here and there is even one for the larger iPhone Plus and for a Side Table at home.

It's a great device and one that will make your car journeys a lot more enjoyable.

SuperTooth HD

This is a hands free, high end speakerphone, which clips to the visor in the car and it uses Bluetooth to connect. It comes with two speakers and two microphones as well. This device works by picking up what you say and plays audio clearly. Through its voice recognition software, it gives you the power to set up the connection and receive calls. Moreover, the device supports 12 languages, which includes Spanish and German. See the Supertooth here.

The Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD

The Garmin has an uphill climb now because so many drivers are using their phones for navigation. Moreover, there are cars that come with an in-built Sat Nav System. However, the truth of the matter is that, there is one feature on this new high end model that help redeem itself; and which is a more natural language approach. Another great feature about this gadget is that, it has the ability to tell drivers to turn left at the gas station, which is really helpful. It provides street names and the distance to your destination. The new Nuvi has a magnetic connector that pops it into place. Take a look at this cool device here.

The Aftermarket HUD

What was long ago considered as “space age” as well as only reserved for fighter jets can now be installed in cars. Companies such as Navdy have come up with ways to plug smartphones into a high-tech projector, which sends heads-up information (HUD) on to the windshield. This tech gives drivers the power to keep an eye on the road by helping them know where they need to be. The device includes special features such as voice recognition, Bluetooth communication, hand gesture, GPS Navigation, app notification and many others. See this cool device here.

The Relaxor Massager

This is an amazing creation by InSeat Solutions LLC, which offers drivers the ability to have a full massage while driving home from a stressful day. The good thing about this gadget is that it has “hot stone” feature for cold winter days. With 8 individual massage motors, programmable vibrations for intensity and speed, lumbar heating pad and ergonomic design; this gadget is one of the best ways to turn a low class vehicle into a classy car like the Mercedes S-class vehicles. It does also include 3 to 4 massage zones and it is programed to provide “ZipZag, Pulse, Wave, Select” massage styles. The Relaxor Massager is ideal for Christmas.

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