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7 Ways to Extend Motorcycle Life

7 Ways to Extend Motorcycle Life

Want to keep your motorbike running smoothly for a long time? Follow the tips in this guide to extending motorcycle life.

As a motorcycle owner, there is a lot to enjoy about riding your two-wheeled friend. Apart from motorcycles saving you time, did you know that riding a motorcycle could increase calorie burning? Yes, it can.

However, despite the fact that motorcycles are famous, many people still do not know how to take care of their two-wheeled friend. Read on to learn how to extend your motorcycle life.

7 Ways for You to Extend Your Motorcycle Life

You might also think that you have it all figured out but you could always use some help. If you want to extend your motorcycle life there are some things you need to do.

Here are 7 ways for you to extend your motorcycle life.

  1. Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

A motorcycle properly cleaned, lives long. Therefore, keep your two-wheeled friend sparkling clean. When you let dirt and other matter take over your motorcycle, you risk corroding it.

All the exterior parts of your motorbike together with some interior parts, including the engine, can be affected because of dirt. Clean your motorcycle faithfully, remembering to clean even the dirt on the chain and paint.

If you clean such parts regularly, your bike will look fresh for a long time and you will save money. You will not need to take your bike for repairs often. Use a color refresher to treat your motorcycle. That will seal the pores and stop it from cracking or hardening.

Make sure you spray metal using an anti-corrosion product to help it last longer. Ensure you do this, especially when you are planning to store the bike for a long period.

  1. Repair Any Issue Immediately

Do you hear a rattle or is handling your bike becoming a bit off? Do you feel as if your bike is not running as it normally does? In short, do you think there is something wrong with your bike?

If you notice any of these things, don’t sit around and wait to check your bike when it won’t start. The longer you wait, the more serious the issue might get and the worse the damage will be. Letting the damage get worse will mean you will need to spend a lot of money having it fixed.

You could notice a problem, but then you realize that you do not have the money to fix the problem. If caught up in such a situation, take out a small loan to fix the issue. Just make sure you know that you can pay back the loan.

You might successfully save a fortune by attending to it early enough.

  1. Take Care of the Battery

The same way you need to eat so that you can replenish your energy is the same way that battery in your bike needs regular charging. With each brake lever and every thumb of the starter, your bike losses its power.

You might have one of those old batteries that need water inside. Ensure that you top up the water regularly. If you have one of those batteries that do not require much maintenance then you don’t have anything to worry about.

If you do not know about the maintenance-free, motorcycle batteries then check out these useful batteries. They are the go-to for people who wrench on their own bikes. They are light weight, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, used by most of the motorcycle OEMs and they will spare you the headache of worrying about your bike’s battery.

  1. Regularly Check the Oil

Ensure you regularly check the oil. After every 5,000 to 10,000 km, you need to change the oil depending on what type of motorcycle you own. During the summer season, your bike might use more oil.

  1. Maintain Tires

Before you begin any journey, make sure you check the pressure and the tread of your tires just to ensure that there are no holes, tears, cracks or any other type of wear that can put you and your bike in danger. The tires are mostly affected by the weather and other ground conditions. Therefore, always look out for rot in case you reside near damp areas or if you ride in such areas.

Additionally, check the tire pressure regularly using a pressure gauge. Do not do this during a ride; rather carry out such an inspection when your motorbike is cold.

  1. Take Care of the Air Filter

Regularly clean your bike’s air filter. When the air filter is dirty or blocked, your bike will not be able to breathe well. Dirt might get into the engine and cause major issues.

To avoid this, regularly remove the filter and clean it so that you unclog it.

  1. Avoid Over-Modifying Your Bike

This is not to say that you should not modify or upgrade your bike. By all means, go ahead and do that, but make sure you do not overdo it. Whenever you feel unsure, about a modification you want to try out consult the experts, and seek professional advice.

Ultimately, Prolonging Your Motorcycle Life Depends on Basic Maintenance Tips

Take care of both the exterior and interior of your bike and you will definitely increase your motorcycle life. These maintenance tips are all easy to comprehend but if you need help you should never hesitate to approach an expert. Do not strain your machine and keep it sparkling clean to prolong your motorcycle life.

Avoid over-modifying it, always check the motorcycle tires and the oil, and take care of the battery. If possible, purchase a maintenance free automotive battery, so that you spare yourself the trouble of worrying too much about the battery’s performance.

Check out our motorcycle section to learn more about keeping your motorcycle healthy and working efficiently.

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