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A great weekend despite the weather

Edmonton, Ab, Canada

So we did the Central BC Cannonball 1000 this weekend. We ended up with 2271 km of rain, snow, hail, sleet and any other weather condition you can imagine.......except SUN! And all it took was 35 hours. Saw so much, saw a Grizzly standing on the shoulder and dickhead in front of us stops in the middle of the highway. Three meals on wheels sitting 15 feet from the bear. That was interesting. Want to say thanks to all the great people we met, and a special thanks to Harley Davidson of the Kootenys for the hospitality and getting us dried out. We started with 4 and ended with three. So Rob and Debbie Wymenga and myself now have flat asses and big smiles. If ever we pushed the limits of our equipment and ourselves, this was the ride.

Vernon BC Tim Hortons for breakfast

Vernon BC Tim Hortons for breakfast

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