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A Harley Davidson video I’m currently making (work in progress)

image 4

image 4

I know it’s a bit strange to post stuff like that here, though I do it on purpose, so let me explain myself. Just in case - I don’t try to sell anything and I don’t work for HD (I only wish I would)

A few weeks ago one of my friends from the local bike-lovers community in Odessa (where I’m from) dared me to finally learn motion design (which I wanted to do for a long time) and make a video related to motorcycles. 

That sounded good enough for me, as I: 

  1. Love motorcycles and used to hang out with bikers a lot (before I moved to another city), and that’s a theme I’m interested in
  2. May finally switch my job (I’m a graphic designer currently and pretty bored of it)
  3. He said that if I’ll get this video done and after find a motion designer job till the end of 2021 - he will cover 50% of the cost of a bike I would like to purchase (within a reasonable price, of course - and that doesn’t include Harley Davidson, sadly)

Even if I forget about the first two, the third point is highly motivating! 

I’ve chosen to make a video about Harley Davidson as it’s a cult brand, well known even among people who have never ridden a bike in their life. And I want this video not to be only a start to my portfolio which would be liked by guys who’ll hire me, but to represent the spirit of Harley and bring emotions of speed and joy of a motorcycle ride. 

Just in case - that’s how usual motion design looks: - Someone’s portfolio

I want to bring some more heavy metal and fewer hipster colors and styles, while still making it modern and with the usage of computer graphics (which is a key part of this profession). During the last weeks of hard after-midnight work, I’ve worked with camera angles and simple shapes, which I’ve later replaced with purchased motorcycle models.

image 2

image 2

I plan to use Harley brand colors (orange and black) mainly with different metallic tones. I also want to integrate some recorded footage (not my personal records, of course), which is harder than I thought once I’ve started.

image 3

image 3

Don’t want to show all of the video yet, as some parts are really raw, but I think I’ll manage to finish it in a few weeks.

That’s my story and here I am - to share some of my work-in-progress results. I’ve already shared it with my friends and they’re all excited. Now I post it here to hear a more realistic opinion about it, though I understand it’s probably hard to make any opinions based on few gifs.

Maybe it’s silly - but this post is a kind of a promise to myself that I’ll keep making this video and will have a small responsibility to few people that will see it. 


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