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Abysmal bungee mishap

South Russell, United States

So I just got back into riding and have been using my bike as primary mode of transportation to and from work.

The other day I bungees my workout duffel bag to the rack behind the sissy bar and a backpack with brand new, just received, never-worn rain suit and waterproof booties bungees to the front of the sissy bar.

I ended up thinking I blew a tire (brand new with less than 100 miles) when I pulled over I see that that the backpack fell into the rear wheel between the shock and locked my tired. After burning my knuckles getting it out to free the wheel, I discovered that the rain gear was all ruined as was the 20-year backpack.

I try to re-bungee it overthrows duffel bag, get maybe 1/4 mile down the road before realizing that it ALL fell off! The right rear turn signal arm bent into the tire and wore it down. After getting a how driver to pry it out to make it drivable, I continue on my way and had to return to the scene to retrieve what I could find of my mangled duffel bag!

Ugh!! I am going to send the rain gear back to the online retailer with done prayer thAt they will replace it for a discount. Lesson learned, get side bags or more bungee cords!

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130 months ago

I recommend switching from bungie cords to a pair of ROK straps ( While more expensive, they're less likely to flex during bumps due to how they're more of a combination of traditional strap with a bungie-like section.


131 months ago

That is pretty damn unfortunate, i'm sure you could find a way to reclaim something on the rain gear


131 months ago

That is some terrible luck. I've personally never trusted just bungee cords. For the very rare occasions when I do need to tie something onto the bike, I'll use a cargo net and then a bungee cord or two for that "I'm paranoid" look. Mind you, i did lose my top box case once, so even those of us with hard luggage are not immune -