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Adventure Hermit

Woodside, California, United States

I just happened upon a guy who just happened upon the ESR website.

He only posted a few quick PIX of his adventures, but they were so intriguing I just had to drop him an email from the App. from the conversation it looks like we will get a few interesting stories to read in the near future, but until then, these PDF links of his adventures are sure to be a good read.

Adventure Hermit 40 passes 40 hours at 40 years

Adventure Hermit west quest

can't wait for the next episode to appear on ESR as the AdventureHermit rides again........

Ride on

Ride on

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103 months ago

@vrscdx Thanks for the mention. I hope to be able to contribute more soon. I really like what I see here on ESR!

I don't want to encourage jumping to another site for more stories - but on my main web page there is a complete write up of my 10k mile off-road trip across America - written over several months - it is well over 20 separate posts.

I am in the process of writing about the whole trip outside of the daily log report approach that you'll find here : http://bit.ly/full-TAT - You can scroll to the bottom of this page where it all starts and work backwards.

I will glad to share as the writing process continues.


103 months ago

@Marina @Alex

your going to get a kick out of what he is riding on the 40/40/40