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ATGATT; All The  Gear, All The Time, for those of you who are not familiar with the term.

Yesterday I was driving a van on an interstate, traveling a few miles per hour over the speed limit. The traffic was not very heavy and everyone was moving at a steady pace. 

I only own motorcycles, as a result my situational awareness is always on. Suddenly without any warning or expectation a pebble struct my windshield, and actully cracked it. Wow, the insident was so quick and out of the blue, I was shocked, and never saw it coming. There was no large trucks ahead, not construction sites, nothing that would have alerted me. 

I settled down and contiued on, but couldn't help but wonder how things might of played out differently if I had been riding on a motorcycle, as either the operator or passenger.

The impact would have no doubt made a mark on my face shield, or could have even cracked it. Then all the "want ifs" stated to swirl in my mind............... 

For me, ATGATT, is a must.

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