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Becoming an instructor: Day Three

Tomorrow's my third day of learning how to become a motorcycle instructor. One thing i've found is that I wasn't just lazy at school: I'm still leaving all my homework until the night before, and homework is what makes this course what it is.

This week, we only had four lessons to learn, but they're reasonably advanced. Having said that, it's a lot closer to "proper" riding than the very early stuff which everyone takes for granted. As such, I think I'll be OK presenting them tomorrow.

But the killer part of this weeks homework was a 44 question paper where we had to find and cross reference a whole bunch of "rules" from both the MTO motorcycle handbook and drivers handbook. Three hours later, I'm done. This in itself is not that hard but then it dawned on me - by becoming an instructor, I need to internalize and memorize pretty much all of this stuff. All of the idiosyncracies and weird "official" ways of doing things that no rider in their right mind really does.

And that's when it hit me...



On the plus side, I'm still enjoying it

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149 months ago

Very cool Alex, I was thinking about doing the same thing in Alberta when I get back from South America, please keep us posted on how it goes.