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Best Tips on How to Travel with A Bicycle

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Bike trip

Bike trip

Remember when you were kids and parents were teaching you how to ride a bicycle? After that, there was the time when you couldn’t wait to wake up, go to school and then back home to your bicycle. Well, some are now grownups, going to work, paying bills, have a lot of responsibilities but there still has to be some time off to practice hobbies. And there are a lot of people out there that found a way to include riding the bicycle as a daily activity.

Unfortunately having a trip to remember is not an easy task. Most of the international bicycle riding trips are though especially due to the customs and extra fees you have to pay when shipping your bike. That’s why these methods of traveling with your bike should be very helpful.

Carry Your Bike with You on The Plane

In order to do that you need to know first, how to pack your bike to make your life easier. Don’t exaggerate with the box. Your bike should be considerably smaller when disassembled.

  • Protect the hub and the headset
  • Face the cassette inwards
  • Protect your bottom bracket
  • Reinforce the box in the places where the bike is in contact with it
  • When using pads, try to have them taped
  • Remove the back derailleur, the front wheel and the pedals
  • Block the brake pads if your bike is featured with hydraulic brakes
  • Deflate the wheels (the flying company might require to do so
  • Don’t forget to visit your favorite and the best online casino before going out, relax and write your name as well as your destination and home address

Another way of taking your bike with you on the plane is to have it packed in one of the specially designed bags for bikes. For this kind of method, you will only need to have a special multi-tool for disassembly and merely 10 minutes for packing and another 10 for unpacking.

Take the Train



Be careful there are some rail companies that might not accept traveling with a bike. Usually taking your bike with you whilst traveling the train requires a long-distance trip in order to be allowed with it on the train. You need to be informed and you can start doing it by taking a simple tour through the railway website and find out what is the “Bring Your Bicycle Onboard” policy. If the “walk on” option is available then you should know that you need to take it to the cargo car yourself. If the “walk-up” option is available you need to know that before boarding you need to pass your bike to the authorized personnel so they can put it in the cargo car.

If you want to take advantage of the walk on option then you need to know that is better to have this travel planned sometime before. You might want to do that because there is a limited number of “walk on” tickets in the cargo-car.

If you are planning to have a long distance trip then you will need to pack your bike. This means that you can also take your bike with whilst traveling the train by having it declared to be a luggage.

Traveling by Car

We have all seen at some point some small cars transporting one or more bikes on the roof of the car or on the trunk door. Of course, those bikes were being held by some professional bicycle transport holders. You can consider this as a lifetime investment and start enjoying nature only by using your car and spending some money for abike holder

The inconvenience is that you can’t have the car parked in underground parking lots and you will also need to be careful while crossing under low bridges. Anyway, don’t forget to have it secured before pushing the pedal to the metal.


No matter what kind of traveling you choose you will enjoy the time spend in the nature riding your own bicycle for sure. If you are not a bicycle riding fan you should take into consideration that cycling is fun, a sport that involves both exercising and traveling. You will be amazed by the number of muscles that a simple bike ride can train. Cycling is not a solitary activity but rather a group sport and you can take some breaks from time to time to enjoy the view. Have a nice trip!

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