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Chinese Kawasaki lookalike motorcycle hits the market

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then the Chinese are real charmers. This week we find out that Chinese powersports equipment manufacturer Lifan makes a big splash with a Kawasaki Z-esque motorcycle.

Lifan contracted an Italian designer named Nico Butti for the design of the bike. According to Butti, the premise was to create ‟European appeal but at the same time accessible for the Chinese.”

Called the KP250, this Lifan machine is estimated to sell on the Chinese market for US$3,200. Although that makes it the cheapest 250 around, it is a bit down on power with a single-cylinder motor only producing 19 horses. 250 machines from all the major manufacturers tout at least 40% more power on the weakest machines.

Lifan plans on importing the KP250 to Europe next and hopes to keep the price very near its Chinese market price of $3,200. There is also talk that the manufacturer who already sells its scooters in North America will bring the Kawasaki Z lookalike to US and Canada in the future.

Kwasaki Z & Lifan KP250

Kwasaki Z & Lifan KP250

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140 months ago

Looks like a Kawi mated with the KTM duke... Having said that, it's not all ugly and kudos to Lifan for attacking the market. I suspect in a few years, we may all be seriously considering Lifan when it comes to what we ride.