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CSBK Mosport - Thursday trackday practice

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Mosport. Sorry, Canadian tire motorsports park. The most storied track in Canada and here I am just about to ride it.

It's the Thursday before the final csbk weekend of the year and for me, that means getting some seat time at the riders choice track day.

But as I arrive at ten oclock, it's already not going as planned. One of bikes just blew its engine at turn ten and spilt what looks like all of its oil on the exit. Worse, Ryan roche managed to hit it and went down. He's fine, and the bike looks like mostly cosmetic problems.

Cleanup takes a while and it apparently leaves turn ten very slippery. It's 12 before we get back track. Mosport is a rolling track, very fast, with lots of elevation and blind corners. To be honest, it's a little intimidating, even after Tremblant.

I opt to go out in the green group to start with. I figure the lack of experience here, plus being on a 250 means its the right group for me. I am wrong. I spend a good part of the session overtaking Hyabusa's and R6's that never catch me up again and some of the lines they pick are abysmal. Mind you, there really aren't a lot of turns around Toronto and thus this might be some of the twistiest stuff these guys have ever ridden.

And then there's the guys on GSX-Rs who blaze past on the straights inches from your fairing, probably on lines they're not really in control of.

Back at the pits, I change my mind and move to the intermediate group and for the rest of the day, I'm glad I did. Sure, I may not be going much faster, but given that I am keeping to my lines and have confidence that the guys around me usually are too, I feel a lot safer.

Quite a few of the sessions are red flagged, at least more than I have previously seen, including one yellow group I am out in that sees three bikes crash on a single lap. All this adds up to a frustrating day at best and I think we manage just five fifteen minute sessions.

TL;DR; Green groups are trackdays in Toronto are probably best avoided

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