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Dealerships and Service

When did dealerships get so bad?

My Tiger was due for the 20k valve service today before I left on the big ride to Tennessee on Thursday. No big deal. I'd organized in advance to have this done. The dealership told me they needed the bike day before as it needs to be cold to do this particular service.

Not a problem, I figured and drove out there yesterday. Except it was labor day. I had thought this odd but I'd called a couple of times and checked with them so I figured what the hell. Maybe they were open? At least riding there was very quiet.

Upon arriving, I found they certainly were not open. The doors were bolted tight and the shutters were down. Worse, there were no bikes anywhere to be seen. In fact, there was nary a person in the whole town. I had the owners cell number so I called it. No reply. No surprise either...

I basically had two choices: Ride the hour home (yes, my dealership is that far out of town and that sucks, but it's a post for another day) and not get the service done before I left. Not the best idea given how I plan to be riding. Or I leave it there. The only viable option is the latter, so I look around for the dropbox. There isn't one. There's no letter box either. Now I am worried. If I want this service done, I basically have to walk away not just from the bike in an exposed parking lot, I have to leave the keys in (almost) plain sight, too.

I won't lie: I almost had a fit placing the keys under the ramp and walking away. I had no choice. I either did that or didn't go on my big ride. As I turned and walked, nerves started fraying. All the way around the block, I'm looking through every angle to see if you can see the bike (you couldn't) but it wouldn't have made much of a difference if I could. I was leaving anyway.

At least on the way back, a lovely couple stopped to give me a ride to the train station. I was so panicked I didn't even ask their names. Whomever you are, many thanks as you alone that day restored my faith in humanity.

To cut a long story short, I spent yesterday unable to think straight. I'd visions of calling the dealership this morning to find it wasn't there. Happily this proved not to be the case and they apologized profusely. "We meant to tell you to drop it Saturday" isn't much of an excuse, especially when you call twice to confirm the appointment but I am simply more relieved than angry. I'll yell at them tomorrow when I go pick the bike up

At least they're installing my GPS for free...

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154 months ago

Yeesh. That's why I always buy bikes I can afford to throw away as soon as they need maintenance.