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Do you ride connected?

Huntington Beach, United States

#rideconnected That's the slogan for Sena Technologies Inc. Two weeks ago I took a motocamping trip to the Nevada Desert with my buddy, but after a run-out-of-gas situation due to a misunderstanding of hand signals on our last adventure, I told him he HAD to get a SENA bluetooth headset for his helmet so we could pair our comms and talk while we ride.

I have been on the bandwagon for many many years and I love having music or turn by turn navigation from my phone in my helmet when I ride solo, but being able to talk to a person or group that you’re riding with really enhances the experience exponentially. Being able to share thoughts and comments about the scenery, directions, or traffic safety is really a game changer if you’ve never done it.

Do you ride with a Bluetooth communication device?

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31 months ago

I use B4FM


31 months ago

I use a cardo, but haven't yet experienced a group ride with comms.