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Dream Racer - Harsh Reality Behind The Dakar Rally

Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

The Dakar Rally is a 16 day 10,000km race across some of the harshest terrains in South America.

Dakar Rally - Dream Racer

Dakar Rally - Dream Racer

Simon Lee’s Dream Racer is the story of 39-year-old business consultant Christophe Barriere-Varju who has a passion for motocross racing and undertakes the challenge to complete this grueling journey. Making this race even more difficult is the fact that he has no bike to race, no mechanic and no sponsors (which means no money).

The Bike - Dream Racer

The Bike - Dream Racer

The Dakar Rally is very physically demanding. We join Christophe and cheer him on as he prepares for the race. From sprinting, biking to kayaking he endures hours of training to make sure he is physically fit to complete the race all while attempting to raise $120,000 in six months. Everything comes down to the wire.

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