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Dress-up of a Motorcycle Rider

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

A bike lover always dreams to be the owner of the best bike of the world. If you are one of them then, you must have also dreamt of that someday. But have you ever thought about the bike riders?

How does a biker look like? When you will be an owner of a new bike you will also think about your look. So, always plan how you can look as fine as your motorbike. So, in this post I will advise you to dress perfectly while you ride motorbike. This post is mainly for youngsters.


It is a life saving gear. There are several designs of helmet available in market. Among them full door close, half door close, summer design etc can be great as your choice. I personally prefer half door closed helmets. Give a trial of that helmet whatever you choose. Helmet should be comfortable and fitted perfectly to the head. Never compromise with your safety and don’t risk your life to save some money by buying low quality helmets.




How a biker like to dress up while riding motorcycle. Maybe T-shirt and Jeans. It is It is not a major issue in town or cities. But if you go for riding out of the town, then you can wear full sleeve t-shirts and jeans if it is summer. But in winter, you should wear jacket which Is suitable for your body. You should not wear thick and loose woolen sweater at the outermost layer of the clothes, because heavy wind will not make you comfortable with the woolen sweater. You also can use a muffler in during winter.


Which type of gloves a bike rider should wear? Bikers wear gloves during long journeys. You will feel comfortable with gloves and also will be able to grip the motorbike handle with ease with gloves. A gloves should be cold resistant during winter. And during summer you should wear such gloves which have little holes in it, which will keep your hand cool in the hot weather and also ensure your safety.




Most preferable shoes while riding motorbike are heavy boots. Because it helps a rider to be safe during accidents and it also keeps a rider safe from ending up from breaking his feet. Most of the accidents see harming the driver’s ankle. Sometimes it may get broken. Shoes containing light weighted and thin soles often slip while riding motorbike. So, one should prefer thick and heavy weighted boots. If you need then you can take help from a good motorcycle guide.dress4


Sun glass has the potential to protect your eyes as well as your life. Choose your sun glass considering the empty space in between your eyes. Always try to choose sports shaped sun glasses for biking. Besides there are polarized sun glasses, with which you can see clearly in even bright sunny days. A high quality sun glass will provide you a good look and also other people will be attracted towards you.



Hope, this article will help motorbike riders to choose perfect dresses for them.

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