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EICMA 2013 - Honda reveals its 2014 lineup

Here at EICMA, most motorcycle press conferences tell you about the two or maybe three bikes that a manufacturer is launching. Tonight, Honda may have set a record as they announced four completely new motorcycles and seven updates. Sadly, we've no specific details or price on many of these models, but they'll be up as soon as we get them.


The CTX is certainly the most avant garde of the new motorcycles. CTX stands for Comfort Technology eXperience and it would seem designed for the bagger brigade.

Make what you will of the F6B inspired design - personally, I think it's the Rune reborn - but the high-torque V4 engine (derived from the ST1300) should prove very useful indeed. A wealth of technical goodies, such as bluetooth integration, traction control, standard panniers and combined ABS will make the road go past nice and easy.

Honda's V4 CTX1300

Honda's V4 CTX1300

NC750 S, NC750 X and Integra

The NC 700 was announced here a couple of years ago, and since that time this A2, learner friendly machine has proven a top seller. The NC range is effectively the same bike in a number of forms depending on your riding style and tastes.

Honda 2014 NC 750S

Honda 2014 NC 750S

For 2014, the engine has gotten a 50cc capacity increase. As you might expect, this means an increase in both power and torque. What you might not expect is an increase in fuel economy. A full tank will now take you around 400km before it's time to fill it back up again.

It's a welcome improvement to an otherwise solid machine, and I can only hope they've managed to increase the redline a little, too.


The CBR250R is no more as the engine get's an update and it transforms into a 300. Also changed are the 250's VFR inspired looks. The 300R looks more like a fireblade. Expect more power and more torque for your money on Honda's latest entry-level sport bike.

Honda's CBR300R - A real baby 'blade

Honda's CBR300R - A real baby 'blade

CBR650F / CB650F

With the CB500 series currently occupying the middle of the sport bike range for Honda, adding a 650 is perhaps an odd choice. But think about it for a minute. Today (if you stay Honda) you'd go from the 500 (about 42hp) to the CBR600RR (about 115hp) - that's a big jump, and it's one the 650, with it's all new inline four engine, aims to bridge.

Like the 500s, it's based around a single design and sold in two different guises - CBR650R for the sport bike version and CBR650F for a naked street fighter version.

The twin cylinder 500 was already an excellent bike. With the extra displacement and an inline four package, I'll predict a smoother ride and even more smiles per mile. The only question remains, just how much will it eat into CBR500 and CBR600RR sales?

The new for 2014 CBR650F enters the stage

The new for 2014 CBR650F enters the stage


Sadly, this amazing V4 adventure tourer never made it to Canada, so I only ever get to see it at shows such as EICMA. It's a shame. It really does look like an amazing bike and the V4 is supposedly just a peach in this chassis. It also looks pretty trick in the urban camouflage paint.

Fingers crossed this model might just arrive on our shores this year.

The Crosstourer's camouflage paint scheme - nice!

The Crosstourer's camouflage paint scheme - nice!

Fireblade (u) / Fireblade SP (n)

It's been a long time coming, but Honda's flagship super bike finally got some love. The engine seems to have received the bulk of the work, with a refined cylinder head improving inlet and exhaust flows. This translates mainly to an increase in peak power, but also mid-range torque. You might not quite match John McGuiness' TT lap time, but you might get a little closer now.

There's a whole raft of other fixes (such as improved fuelling, multifunction LCD dash, electronic steering sampler, new MotoGP style swing arm) that we don't yet have full details on, but will be coming soon. Sadly, there's also no word on the two numbers that matter most to racers - cost and power. Expect that to arrive shortly.

Of course, if cost is no object, or you just like owning special editions, the new Fireblade SP might be for you. It's the first ever special edition Fireblade. Think of this as the out of the box racer version in fully road- legal form. It will feature a more aggressive riding position, Ohlins front and rear and Brembo brakes to state the most obvious changes.

Due to other refinements, the SP version should weight in at about 10kg less than the ‟normal” version and will almost certainly be the definitive fireblade when it's launched.

The updated for 2014 Honda Fireblade

The updated for 2014 Honda Fireblade


Last, but by no means least, is the VFR800F sport tourer. Honda revealed their latest changes not by riding it on stage, but by lifting a box complete with oceans of dry ice. Perhaps a little too dramatic for something that wasn't the RC1000V (see below).

The V4 engine is one Honda had a special relationship with dating back 40 years and it's proven immensely popular - from the race-winning RC213V to the new for 2014 CTX and flagship VFR1200. It's an engine that graced Honda's special bikes. Just ask the 75,000+ European owners of VFR800's.

For 2014, Honda have completely updated their mid-sized sport tourer. New forks, swing arm, wheels and bodywork are the visible parts. Combine that with standard fit traction control, ABS, heated grips and retune the engine for greater low and mid-range torque. Then make it all 10Kg lighter than last years model and one of the best all-round bikes just got better.

2014 Honda VFR800F - It's a kind of magic

2014 Honda VFR800F - It's a kind of magic

RC1000V - Or Honda's road-going GP bike bike

One bike was conspicuous by it's absence - the oft-discussed RC1000V (or whatever it was going to be called). Sadly, there was not even a breath of it. I did hear a very solid rumour there is a secret reveal in California in three weeks time. For those of us keen to understand what Marquez deals with on his work days, it's going to be a long wait.

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