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Fishing Day 2

Breaking the body in. The first day is a challenge because unless you've been preparing for this kind of riding it's going to hurt. Day 2 I was reasoning with myself at what age I should be allowed to buy a legitimate touring motorcycle and join the ranks of old people. If I were to put a number to it I'd say forty but my body says today. I didn't have the resources to change out the suspension on the bike before I left and I REALLY wish I did. I realized today that I had left the GPS set to shortest distance instead of fastest route and I ended up in some corn fields on gravel roads with crop dusters beside me. I've never been so happy to ride on crappy pavement as when I got back to it after that. It's probably not easy to see so I'll state here that day 1 was about 640 miles in 17 hrs- not realizing it was on the shortest distance yesterday took me all over the place too and I questioned if the tech was possessed. Day 2 was 766 miles in just under 16 hrs. I met up with a friend that I served with in the Marines and we rode 200 or so of those miles together. Tomorrow is another long day. Maybe I'll be smart, maybe I'll be hard but either way I'll be on two wheels.

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