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Get CrashLight: How-To Subscribe

CRASHLIGHT - Choose Your Safety Team

CRASHLIGHT - Choose Your Safety Team

Get CrashLight® and choose your safety team

CrashLight® automatically detects a motorcycle crash and alerts your designated friends and family of your last known location. CrashLight is a subscription add-on to the EatSleepRIDE App. The feature automatically detects a crash and notifies up to 3 of your contacts of your last known geographical location in three ways: text message, email and voice mail. You're in control of your safety team.

Tap the CrashLight® banner on the Home screen to subscribe. Then tap the Get It Now! button. You'll see an Apple alert asking you if you'd like to purchase CrashLight®. You can agree to the purchase or tap cancel to go back.

Once subscribed, the Get It Now! button will display:

"CRASHLIGHT® enabled"

The functionality allows you to subscribe only once per year.

CrashLight® - You're already subscribed

CrashLight® - You're already subscribed

Now Record Your Ride to Activate CrashLight®!

When you start the ride recording, the device will look and feel for crash signals. Tap Go Ride and turn CrashLight® ON. Tap START to record your ride. Put the device in your breast pocket and enjoy the ride! Once you've completed your ride, tap STOP to pause you're ride and Done to complete the ride and process the data.

Record your ride to active CrashLight

Record your ride to active CrashLight

If, for some reason, you want to record your ride without CrashLight®, simply turn it OFF. There's no reason to turn CrashLight OFF but we put it in for the control enthusiasts among us.

Testing CrashLight® Notifications

Once CrashLight® is enabled, you can send test notifications to your pre-set contacts. Should you want to change your contacts at anytime, you can easily change your pre-set contacts in the Settings panel.

Manage your CrashLight contacts from Settings

Manage your CrashLight contacts from Settings

In the test notification your contacts receive, EatSleepRIDE makes it clear that the message is only a test notification.

Crash notifications are sent after a three-minute alarm reaches zero

When CrashLight® detecs a crash, a three-minute timer appears and an alarm sounds (be sure to set your speaker to on before you ride). Once the timer reaches zero, crash notifications are sent. This gives the rider enough time to slide to cancel the alert if he or she is OK.


Does this explains the functionality and feature? For support, send an email to or use the ESR App: go to Settings > Send Feedback and enter your comment or question.

Ride better, ride further, ride safer. EatSleepRIDE!

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