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Get faster at the track with PUSH SmartGauge - high-tech data logger and training tool

Newport Beach, California, United States

PUSH SmartGauge

PUSH SmartGauge

Born from a team with an obsession for speed, today PUSH Inc. is introducing the SmartGauge as the ultimate track data logger and training tool. It seamlessly transmits pro-level telemetry and cutting-edge, 3D lap-visualization data to an iPhone or iPad. After extensive research, development, and real-world track testing it's now available and ready to ship.

DroneView - Now you can "See your data"

Sample PUSH DroneView at Auto Club Speedway

Riding by "feel" at the track is limiting and can be misleading. The PUSH DroneView is a new way to "see your data". Using GoogleEarth-like satellite imagery, PUSH weaves the precision SmartGauge data of your race line and magically makes a video of your ride that appears to have been filmed by a drone following overhead.

Riding with the SmartGauge to improve your lap times

PUSH SmartGauge Datalogger

PUSH SmartGauge Datalogger

With PUSH's precision GPS and motion sensor, this expanded sensor data shows precisely when a rider started braking, how much lean angle they induced, when they eased off the brakes, picked up the motorcycle and accelerated toward the next corner. With this tangible information -- instead of haphazard guesswork and sheer bravado -- they can systematically build the skills and confidence essential to cutting faster lap times.

Taking the SmartGauge's capabilities one step further, PUSH's app has one-touch integration for uploading data to Harry's LapTimer, a leading track-analysis app that provides much more than lap-timing functions. It also unlocks all SmartGauge data and overlays metrics on maps of more than 900 racetracks around the world.

Customers at Fastrack Riders using SmartGauge

Track riders at Fastrack Riders (Auto Club Speedway's exclusive motorcycle trackday partner in Southern California) have been using the SmartGauge to train and improve. Imad Samhat, owner of Fastrack Riders comments about the SmartGauge's benefits in it's training programs:

"In our collaboration with PUSH over the past two seasons, the SmartGauge has been an indispensable teaching tool for our Academy riders. The data it provides is accurate, quickly available and easy to use on phones. It has helped participants get faster by allowing them to see and discuss tangible data with their trainers, instead of talking about feelings or thoughts on performance. Its benefits and results speak for themselves."

About PUSH and where to find more

For more information about PUSH Inc., please visit .

Located in Newport Beach, California, PUSH’s mission is to help racers, trackday participants and action-sports enthusiasts improve their performance. Founded in 2014 by adrenaline junkies, PUSH is fanatical about helping its customers, understands their competitive nature and the need for precise, rugged, simple-to-use tools.

Todd Berk, CEO of PUSH and @tmecha on ESR authored this article.


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@frencholive Thanks! We mostly focus on track days, hit us up if you're in SoCal.


90 months ago

@tmecha  Sounds fascinating.  Will you be coming to any of the motorcycle shows?