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Elizabeth, United States

So I bought a bike without learning how to ride first. Not my brightest moment. Is there anyone who’s teaches or knows someone who does in Indiana?

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57 months ago

I was in the same boat man. I didnt have anyone to teach me how to ride but I watched YouTube videos religiously and taught myself. And I'm not sure about your state but I highly recommend a Basic Riders Course! Be safe out there! And remember 4 wheels moves the body but 2 wheels move the soul!


57 months ago

There are a few programs in your state. ABATE offers rider training programs, as does Motorcycle Rider Training Of Indiana, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (aka MSF). These are all great places to start, and we'd urge you to take some kind of safety course, though you might wanna learn the basics on your own first. 

While it's intimidating at first, tons of riders have taught themselves how to pilot a motorcycle, and luckily for you, there's a massive wealth of resources online to aid you in that process. First off, do you know how to drive a stick? If not, I'd start by practicing clutch actuation. 

When the clutch is pulled in all the way, no power is going to the back wheel. As you let the clutch out. power starts to go to the wheel. By experimenting with the clutch lever, you'll quickly find the "sweet spot" (aka the point where the engine's power kicks in). 

You've picked a great learner bike to start on. Feel free to hit us up if you have any questions. best of luck and I hope this helped!