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Here's What You Can Expect in 2023 - Predictions for Next Year

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It's that time of year again. A time when riders around the world clamour to know what are the next big trends and developments to watch out for in motorcycling.

Well, here they are and they are every bit as uncannily accurate and insightful as last year. That's right, here are my biking predictions for 2023!

A Vulan mind meld with your bike might help predict the future. Then again, it might not. Photo by Anh Trần on Unsplash

A Vulan mind meld with your bike might help predict the future. Then again, it might not. Photo by Anh Trần on Unsplash

As you know, green technology continues to advance at a miraculous clip. I'm here to tell you that next year biodegradable motorcycles will be coming to a showroom near you. Yamaha already took a step in that direction late in 2022 when they announced that they were developing components for their watercraft that are made from organic materials. In the release they also mentioned that parts for bikes are also being considered. I believe that it was just a smokescreen and they are much farther along in their development of plant-based bikes. In the near future I believe that this tech will have advanced far enough that you won't be going to the parts counter to get new components for your bike, you'll be growing the raw materials yourself in your garden. How useful will that be? Plenty. Just think if you're out on your Ténéré somewhere in the back woods and don't have any snacks with you, wouldn't it be convenient if you could break off a non-essential piece like a passenger footpeg and gnaw on it to keep the munchies away? Sounds like nirvana to me.

In keeping with the environmentally friendly theme - we all know that electric motorcycles are carving out a very large foothold for themselves in the industry and even hybrids and hydrogen bikes are now being contemplated. It's a little known fact that bikes with wind turbines are being developed now. These machines won't need outlets or replaceable battery packs to recharge. They'll charge themselves while rolling down the highway. The turbine will catch the breeze and generate an electric current to keep the battery topped up. Just don't let your passenger get too close to the blades while riding or you may be going home minus your significant other.

Wind and solar-powered machines are not far off. Mark my words.

The air flow can charge your bike and it will also be used to slow it. Parachutes, they're not just for motorcycle clothing anymore. Sure they've been used as part of braking systems for years on jet aircraft and dragsters, but before long they'll be OEM equipment on many different motorcycle models. Who needs ABS when you can just pop the chute? And, if you're getting tailgated by some idiot in their steel and glass cage, deploying the chute over their windshield will certainly get them off your butt.

The road to the future features motorcycles. Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

The road to the future features motorcycles. Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

Did you ever have a bike that used a kickstarter? (No, I don't mean a fundraising campaign.) Are you old enough to remember when multi-cylinder streetbikes always had them? Well, guess what? As they say,'everything old is new again.' Yep, you guessed it. Kickstarters are making a comeback but not just for retro-themed, lightweight, or very basic bikes. I'm talking about all new motorcycles. You'll even get a free gym membership with the purchase of bikes like the BMW K1600, Triumph Rocket 3, and Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.

If parachutes, turbines, and kickstarters aren't enough for you, then how about five wheels? We've got bikes with two wheels. Yes, bike, you know 'bi' for two? Not them four-wheeled ATVs that some riders insist on calling bikes. There are trikes, with two wheels in the rear or some, like the Niken or MP3 with two in the front. Four-wheeled motorcycles are out there, not in large numbers, but they do exist. I predict these new five-wheelers will take things even further. Two wheels in the front and three in the back? Or three up front or two in the rear will remain to be seen. How about four out back and one up front? Like in this video below. I imagine that handling would be…interesting.

The Big Twin Trike Custom 5 Wheel Bike - Walkaround - SEMA 2016

Let's all agree to meet back here in a year to marvel at the accuracy of these predictions and see what the wonderful world of bikes holds in store for us in the future.

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