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How Ducati Performance Accessories Come to Life

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Ducati and Akrapovič collaborated on accessories for the Multistrada. Ducati photo

Ducati and Akrapovič collaborated on accessories for the Multistrada. Ducati photo

Every motorcyclist longs to make their bike their very own through performance mods and accessories. Ducati does its part to help every Ducatista embrace this passion.

The Ducati performance catalogue gives riders the ultimate opportunity to show off the best of their motorcycle through products that possess the values of quality and attention to detail that characterise the brand globally.

Each Ducati Performance accessory is an integral part of the project of the bike for which it is designed. The process that leads to its creation follows the same complex and rigorous steps that the development of a new bike goes through in Borgo Panigale. There are many accessories available in the catalogue and they can be viewed in the dedicated section of the website or through the online configurator, which allows you to create the Ducati of your dreams and contact your nearest dealer directly to order the items.

The process that leads to accessory production begins in parallel with that of the Ducati model for which they are created. The development phases are the same as the ones the designers go through when studying the design of a new motorcycle: it all starts with a pencil and a sheet of paper with hand-drawn sketches, which are then scanned and retouched on computer. After choosing the best proposal, this is mathematized, often also through the use of 3D printing, and then the "clinic model" (a full-size mould) is created, so that it can be mounted on the bike to verify its quality and aesthetics and, once final approval has been received, its industrialization can go ahead.

Ducati Performance Accessories begin as sketches. Ducati photo

Ducati Performance Accessories begin as sketches. Ducati photo

The timing varies according to the accessory’s role. In the instance of the side cases, which are integrated directly on the bike and for this reason undergo further technical and stylistic considerations, the manufacturing process is complex and meticulous and the creation of the mould by the supplier alone can take several months. On the other hand, for other components such as elements made of solid aluminium, production times are a few weeks.

The example of the side cases is useful for understanding the attention and control that precede the industrialization of a Ducati Performance accessory. After the approval of the style, the cases undergo a series of tests for strength, waterproofing, and durability, conducted in collaboration with the R&D department. Only afterwards do long dynamic tests begin, which put the accessories through a simulation of the use that they will be subjected to in daily life.

The accessory production process is a proven one. Ducati photo

The accessory production process is a proven one. Ducati photo

Ducati Performance accessories are produced in collaboration with leading companies in the sector to achieve the best functionality and aesthetics. For example, Ducati has collaborated with Akrapovič in the creation of two co-branded accessories to further enhance the sporty side of the new Multistrada V4: a racing-derived exhaust unit and an approved silencer. Both parts are exclusive to this model and have a unique design that fits perfectly.

In this video below, the Director of the Centro Stile Ducati Andrea Ferraresi and the Accessories Project Manager Lorenzo Uliani describe the process of creating Ducati Performance accessories in even more detail. The video highlights how each accessory is a further opportunity for Ducati to convey to its fans, right from their first contact, all the ability, style, sophistication and passion that are applied to every project at Borgo Panigale.

How Ducati accessories are born

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