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How to perform stoppie with a Motorcycle

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

This can be called as stoppie or you can call it nose wheelie or endow etc as you wish. To perform a stoppie first you have to know the way how to perform a stoppie. It is a trick of motorcycle, by which you can lift the rear wheel up and drive the bike only with the front wheel. It will give you such a pleasure; you will feel like you are going to fall on your mouth on the ground. It won’t be happening though, if you are an expert in stoppie. But, it might be happened if you are not an expert or you are just learning to do stoppie or you are trying to perform stoppie without any safety cautions and if you are doing it in wrong way.



The very first thing you have to knows about stoppie is that, motorbike stunt is a very pleasant and interesting thing to watch but you have to think about the consequences if you fall down or face any accidents while performing a stoppie. So, everyone should remember that, before doing any stunt, make sure that you are dressed up in such way which is enough for your safety. And also check the clothes before wearing them and know about the motorbike which you will be going to use to perform stunt properly.

Now, let’s come to the point that how to do stoppie?

If you have a motorbike of your own then it will be better. Before riding on your bike wear the protective clothes properly. You must wear a good and quality helmet. Besides, you have to take other protections such as, jacket, gloves, pant and boots. Recheck the motorbike if everything is alright. Now, at first you have make sure the front wheel brake is working perfectly. Then test the tires. Regular tires are not very suitable to perform this type of stunts. You can use MRF tires if you want to do stunts. A light weighted motorbike with hydraulic braking system is very much suitable for a new or amateur stunt biker. A 100 or 125 cc bike would be perfect for these requirements.

What to do?

The first thing you have to make sure that you have to remain calm and quiet. If a rider can be succeeded to be calm and quiet, then he can make the impossible possible.

How to do?

In this step you will do stoppie in 0 mile/hr. At first take your bike speed up to 15 mile/hr. Then press the brake gradually with four fingers. At the same time break the inertia and make your body active and lean a little to your front side. When your bike’s speed reach almost 0 the press the front brake hardly. The rider has to practice a lot with the brake, so that he can balance himself after leaving the brake while doing the stopple. The contact between the road and front wheel is very much important, because it will carry the total weight of the motorbike. Stoppie can’t be done with by using the front brake suddenly. The Front brake should be used as the way suggested in above. Stoppie can also be done with much lesser speed. Many people have been seen doing stoppie during traffic signals in 10 miles/hr. It is a good place to do or to learn stoppie. You can perform great stoppie in a great road in 30 miles/hr. Besides, it depends on the motorcycle you are using to do stunt.

Okay, enough of theories, now let’s go and see what’s the point of view of an expert:

  1. Use a normal bike like Bajaj Discover 125 to practice stoppie. It is a good bike to do stunt.
  2. People normally learn to stunt in two ways. Watching others and by falling from the bike. So, watch the video of others performing stoppie and don’t hesitate to ask for anything to the experts.
  3. Choose a perfect place for doing stunt.

Yamaha FZs and Yamaha R15 are best bikes in Bangladesh to perform stunt. Hope that this post will be helpful for the guys who want to do stoppie.

Written by: Deshi Biker Editor

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