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How To Ride 400 KM from South to North Netherlands

Soest, Utrecht, Netherlands

Have you ever thought of planning to ride an e-bike to cover 400 kilometres, but unsure if it's doable? Well, it is. Here’s a glimpse of the journey by YouTuber, Tom Outdoor. Check out the video at the end of the post for first-person experience of the challenges and how he overcame them.

The GRUNDIG e-bike was the two-wheeler of choice for the big journey starting from Poppel Village, which is located in Ravels in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, near the southern border with The Netherlands. The trip spanned all the way to the northernmost tip of the Netherlands, to the Gedenkteken Royal Air Force memorial in Uithuizermeeden. 

When you’re planning this type of a ride, it’s important to plan the route because it prepares your mind for everything that will come your way.

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

Tom Outdoor traveled up to 100 kilometers on the e-bike without taking a break, but that's hardcore. You’ll likely need a few breaks because the journey is 400 kilometers from start to finish! To track your ride, use the Eat Sleep Ride app!

Tom Outdoor had his overnight stop 224 kilometers in which added up to 11 hours and 50 minutes on the e-bike. It’s not recommended to do this type of distance on your first journey. Don't try to cover a major distance like that in the very beginning. Instead, try to create momentum by getting your body used to the pedaling process first. It’s advised to take breaks every 40-50 kilometers or whenever your body asks for it.  The more you pedal, the more you can save battery for when you need it, like when your body is absolutely tired or when the roads and weather is challenging. During Tom’s previous, but shorter trip, he extensively tested the e-bike. He truly appreciated the joy that comes with e-bike adventures. He cherished the great memories he created on his cycling adventures, even if he did suffer the inevitable discomfort in his butt for a few days.

Cruising on his electric bicycle, Tom Outdoor appreciated the top-notch quality of the GRUNDIG e-bike.

Explore new routes is easy. You can go anywhere on this e-bike. It’s fun and easy to try new routes and explore new streets, lanes, and beautiful scenery.

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

The unboxing? First, it was delivered within two-days' notice and the shipping company contacted him to ensure someone would be at home for the delivery.  It was delivered to his doorstep 80% assembled, but the process was seamless and user-friendly. He put it together within an hour. 

The entire package was well-contained, weighing 28 kg with the bike and battery inserted. The surprise came with the German instruction manual, well-illustrated and thoroughly explained the assembly process, including the adjustable display and technical details.

The assembly started with the handlebars, following the detailed instructions. The front wheel and pedals were attached smoothly, with no mysterious maneuvers required. Furthermore, he tackled the mudguard and, for the front wheel, adjusted the disc brake precisely to avoid any unwanted drag. The comprehensive instruction manual proved helpful, guiding him through the process of locking the key into the frame from above. It ensured a secure fit, and with the key positioned at the top, accessing the lock became a straightforward task. 

Battery Check is easy too. You can always keep an eye on your battery while going on a long ride, but if you don’t GRUNDIG's e-bike starts blinking when it’s time to recharge.  Tom Outdoor appreciated the design, noting that it prevented any awkward attempts to insert the battery. A quick look at the small display on the steering wheel allowed him to confirm the successful connection, and with that, the setup was complete.

The battery operates at 540 watt-hours, with a 36-volt system from the Barfang company. The charging port has a bipolar design, which Tom found particularly commendable.  Pressing the button revealed the charging status, with red indicating the need for a recharge and green signifying the battery's current charge level. Tom also appreciated the flexibility of being able to install the battery at his bike shop, adding to the convenience of the overall system.

The e-bike can go anywhere. For Tom, having covered 117 km on his bike, he found himself once again riding through the nature reserve.The downside? When you’re pedaling a lot, you’ll need some good food to eat to fuel your body. You don’t want to faint or feel exhausted because of hunger. 

Checking his app, he realized he had burned around 3000 calories, maybe even 400 or 500 more than he had consumed. Spotting a cafe, he decided to take a break and have lunch. With half the distance for the day accomplished, he aimed for a total of 120 km. 

After finishing lunch in Blarikum, he acknowledged feeling still a bit hungry, the drawback of burning so many calories!

After sleeping overnight, the next morning Tom’s butt really hurt. But he kept going. He realized he still had 5.5 hours of cycling ahead, he considered the significant distance he had yet to cover. Heading out, he had a quick breakfast and set out to cover the remaining journey. 

Tom was proud of his achievement, he couldn't deny the exhaustion creeping in. The relentless headwind added to the challenge, leaving him thoroughly soaked. Reflecting on the fantastic performance of his Grundig e-bike, he thanked the brand for building such a good quality product for riders like him.

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

Tom Outdoor for GRUNDIG e-bike

Watch Tom's full adventure here: 

Editor’s Note

This is a sponsored post. Thank you to GRUNDIG e-bike for supporting ESR. The GRUNDDIG ebike is currently shipping via truck delivery to Germany and Europe only. Shipping is not available to the UK and the Americas. Products are produced in Romania and the Czech Republic. Learn more about the company here

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