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How to Troll a Motorcycle Forum ...

Painesville, Ohio, United States of America

An old classic:

"So I've got a Shoei full face helmet which feels like it keeps my face and head very safe indeed - BUT, I feel disconnected from the outside world..

I also have a snowboard helmet that I've worn when just riding the bike around the block to practice slow speed stuff, and I love the sound and the feel of the air..

Can you drill holes in the sides of a full face helmet where your ears are? I'm thinking some 1/8" holes, maybe 5-10 of them, in a circular type shape - will this compromise the structural integrity of the helmet in a major way?

Why don't they make the helmets like that to begin with, with some sort of vent by the ears?"

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111 months ago

That's a droll troll.... but I guess if you’re trolling and cast the bait you will get a bite every time.....