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I think it's Idiot week, at least in some areas of the press,0,4414821.story

Just read this through a link a friend sent me. It's the most sensationalist bollocks I've read yet with respect to banning motorcycles, but most worryingly, I tend to meet a lot of people that agree with it. It's the same old cliches such as motorcycles cause more deaths than cars (without an explanation) and that society pays for it.

He also trots out my favourite, the "I know someone who was injured horrifically" story. Last time I pressed someone on a story like that, it turned out the "injured party" had actually gotten back on a bike as soon as they could.

I put my 2c in as a reply to his blog, and it seems the comments are almost universally condemning of his article but I'd urge every motorcyclist to do the same. I think it's time we started to see a more positive image of motorcyclists in the press. Anyone got any further ideas on where to start? I'll be mulling the topic all day as I ride to Quebec city.

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158 months ago

And here's the even more ridiculous follow-up from Mr.Curran. "It's still time to ban the motorcycle - Columnist calls for the prohibition of motorcycles. Motorcyclists respond. It's not pretty."