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Indian Come out Swinging



In the most recent edition of _Popular Mechanics _ Indian, America's oldest surviving motorcycle brand, are preparing to launch their new 2014 model and did they come out swinging. While Harley isn't mentioned by name it is obvious where Indian's owners, Polaris, are looking to expand their customer base.

Considering that Popular Mechanics has a viewer ship of 1.2 million it is clear that Indian is up to something bold. Indian currently have about 5% of America's cruiser market share, which is smaller than many of Harley's Japanese rivals.

Harley's response was measured:  _‟We know that Polaris is really talking up their plan and expectation for the Indian brand and that they're gunning for us. We also know Polaris invested a lot in motorcycles for 15 years they still have a market share in the low single digits.” _ said Harley-Davidson spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim.

One thing we know for sure Indian is pulling no punches with its latest advert.

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