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It simply gets better, ...

Southwest Middlesex, Canada

FJR 1300 fussed over, in the shop for the following. Replaced front & rear tires with michelin road pilot 3s, love these tires! Their grip inspires confidence, .... Not the over the top "death wish" kind, simply the goofy grin kind. One day I almost hoped it would rain just to try them out. Balanced throttle bodies plus new spark plugs and the smooth ride of the FJR, just got a whole lot sweeter. Also replaced the the throttle tube with the G2 throttle tamer, which creates a smoother roll on of acceleration vs the throttle "snatch" of the original. Enjoying the smoother roll on, however do miss the snap of the original which occurred with very little twist of the throttle, oh well, can always return to the former.

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128 months ago

I heard the Pilot 3's are awesome and will likely end up on the wife's STriple very soon. Have to say, I do like the FJR. Managed to bag one for ten days in the alps a couple of years ago. It was the finest riding I ever saw.