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It's Movie Time - Whatever May Come

January 7–9

Whatever May Come

Adventure Documentary | 122 min | Germany | 2018 | English & German (with English subtitles)

Whatever May Come

Whatever May Come

Don't miss the online Canadian Premiere of Christian Vogel's Whatever May Come playing on TMFF Cinema from January 7th through to the 9th. Here's what Traverse magazine had to say about the film.

"Whatever May Come is not the traditional motorcycle travel story that concentrates [on] riding. It tells the story of courage, determination, instinct and a drive to continue. Through near-disaster Christian discovers a human spirit, building friendships that see him repair a broken bike, [and] a broken body to continue his ride to discover the world. A year on the road and 22 countries, Christian completes his journey and perhaps finds himself more than that around him." 


Let's Chat

From Jan 7–9, join the conversation about the Whatever May Come on Twitter using #TMFFCinema. Let us know what you think and how Christian's story resonates with you.

Chatting with Christian Vogel

We're going to be recording a Q&A with Christian that we'll publish in the next little while. Got a question or a comment for Christian? Drop us a line, and we'll make sure to ask him.

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