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‘Klausenpass – My Top Swiss Pass’

Klausenpass Thumbnail3

Klausenpass Thumbnail3

This is a short video edit from Ep2 of my ‘Alps with Attitude’ trip from June 2019, yet it contains a lot of previously unseen footage.

I know how it can be difficult to find a spare hour to sit down and enjoy a complete Episode of a trip on YouTube, so here’s a short video for you to watch whilst enjoying your coffee & biscuits!

The ‘Klausenpass’ was one of my best Swiss Passes from the ‘Alps with Attitude’ tour.  In fact, we decided to ride it again, in the opposite direction the next day too.

I hope this ‘taster’ will give you the interest to explore Episodes 1 & 2 of the ‘Alps with Attitude’ tour, if you haven’t already.

If you have one, it looks great on a Smart TV, as it’s filmed in HD.

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Thanks for watching!


Here’s the video link and you’ll get the best experience viewing it on a TV or PC - https://youtu.be/zyLB_ePD04Y

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