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Lean angle still off true...

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi team.

Still struggling on lean angle. iPhone 4S firmly in case on handlebar, facing me, virtually perpendicular. While -148 lean angles are no more, I'm now getting 36 angle on a straight, and find that I lean outwards on most corners. -82 angle when stock still and upright at a traffic light. Glad to see the improvements, but the app has no true use as a training guide on improving my cornering. Then, I think that I must be the sole user in South Africa, so sharing routes (that have yet to be accurate) is also something I can't make use of. I shall continue to investigate the improvements each time there's an upgrade but, till then, I'll continue to use another app to determine my leaning skills. Thanks again, team, and wish I'd had had better news for you... (Would a subscription service help...?)

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111 months ago

@85fzx You aren't the only user in SA lol


120 months ago

Same experience here in the states unfortunately... A 30 minute ride thru, half canyon and half highway shows me riding at an angle the entire time!  Have tried using iphone attached to handle bars and also in pocket, both of which show me riding at an angle, both left and right.  In fact, I don think it ever showed me upright even at stop lights.  Definitely has some work to make this a training tool.  The routes feature is a nice touch though, identifying area to ride, but $4.99 at this stage is high when compared to other apps in the same range...