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Lemmy: The Rock'n'Roll Legend Died this Week at Age 70 | Film

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rock n'roll is a true religion and Lemmy was it's front frontman.

You may have heard that Lemmy (Ian) Kilmister, Motorhead bassist, passed away December 26th, 2015, only two days after his 70th birthday, losing an incredibly aggressive battle with diabetes and cancer.

Lemmy Kilmister on a Triumph Bonnie

Lemmy Kilmister on a Triumph Bonnie

Art, rock, machine: Lemmy was all three. Lemmy started out as one of two roadies for Jimmy Hendrix and went on to become one of the most influential guitarists in rock'n'roll history. “I was a roadie with Hendrix,” Lemmy says. “And what I learned about guitar from him was that he told me I was never going to be a good guitar player [laughs].

Having never listened to a single Motorhead track before watching this documentary, it didn't stop me from thoroughly appreciating "Lemmy". He was a rocker. Like every motorcycle rider I've met, Lemmy is a familiar yet completely unique soul.

Over four decades, as Motorhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister registered an immeasurable impact on music history but you wouldn't know it.

"Lemmy", the full-length documentary free via Cosmos Documentaries

Directors Greg Oliver and Wes Orshoski find Lemmy, at 65, living modestly in his personal museum, come rent-controlled shithole in West Hollywood. The directors follow Lemmy around, interview a few worshiping Hollywood celebrities including Bob Thornton, and record his view of the world in this unusually honest, feature-length documentary.

"Lemmy" tells the story of a hard-living rock'n'roller, a lonely philosopher, a strange collector of things, living on the edges of society, ruling at the altar of rock'n'roll authenticity.

You don't need to be a metal head to appreciate "Lemmy". The film is an expertly crafted documentary, shot on a combination of High Definition and Super 16mm film. "Lemmy" includes oddly uncomfortable and revealing interviews with his son, interspersed with worshiping accolades from a long list of admirers like Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Ozzy Osbourne, actor Billy Bob Thornton, wrestling superstar Triple H, Alice Cooper, Mick Jones of The Clash.

The film is also available on Netflix. Watch it.

Photo from behind-the-scenes of an upcoming episode of Guitar Moves. Credit Justin Staple

Photo from behind-the-scenes of an upcoming episode of Guitar Moves. Credit Justin Staple

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103 months ago

@marina Great doc. thanks for tracking down free movie. see what you mean about the collecting. Jesus!


103 months ago

@zyonsdream Sorry to hear it too. Did you watch the documentary? I gave it 5 stars.


103 months ago

This one hit me hard. I've loved his bass sound since I could remember. His gravel vocals and balls out rock style will never fade away... Motorhead forever forever Motorhead...