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Mixing Business with Pleasure

Indianapolis, United States

Being off work today and blessed with wonderful weather, I knew I had to ride. But alas, an upcoming professional exam loomed heavy in my mind and demanded that I study. The compromise? Study in another town and take an indirect path there, and an even more indirect path back.

The path back included winding through unfamiliar rural roads, turning around a few times, and taking the road less traveled. I didn't see much traffic today at all; something quite refreshing, but one still has a lingering anxiety far, far back in the corner of the mind, "What if I break down out here?" Nevertheless, the serenity and solitude of the experience forces those fears to the back of the mind, and one rides on.

Returned to the city coasting into the gas station with maybe 10-15 miles to spare. A great day for some mental, spiritual, and physical exercise. It was only an 80 mile day - short for me - but it was a great day!

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! 😎

A good pictorial summary of my Monday

A good pictorial summary of my Monday

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