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Moto RPG?

Painesville, Ohio, United States

Shopping for motorcycle gear is like creating a pencil and paper Role-Playing Game character for Dungeons and Dragons. Do I go with level 1 or level 2 CE-rated back armor? Do I want a protective jacket of textile, mesh or leather? Do I want a helmet that is Snell-rated, ECE-rated or DOT rated? ECE-P or ECE-J? Do I want to add a +1 bag of holding backpack for the commute?

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97 months ago


It really all depends if you'll be battling the Eternal Twisties of insanity or the long straight runs of Highway boredom.  haha.

Always go the Best you can afford.


97 months ago

Depends, what is your climate, temperatures, and such. I have mesh and textile jackets and pants. I do have leathers as well. What's your riding style?

Me, it's my hide, I want the best I can afford.