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Motorcycle alarm for long distance touring: how to choose the right one

A good motorcycle alarm immediately sounds when there is an attempt to move the bike, to break the ignition or tamper with the body. That's basically how potential thieves are deterred. If you are concerned about the safety of your motorcycle, a motorcycle alarm maybe the right solution for you.
There are three different types of motorcycle alarms to choose from:
A basic motorcycle alarm
When triggered, basic alarms sound a siren and draw the attention of others to the motorcycle. The idea is to confuse the thief and force them to abandon the idea of stealing your motorcycle.
This is one of the most used alarms. Why? There are several reasons. First of all, they are affordable. For example, you can buy the simplest one for just US$20. Of course, at such a price, you shouldn't expect to get the highest quality, but the alarm does the job for sure.
Secondly, they are easy to install. You won’t need a pro to install it. You can do it yourself perfectly.
A two-way motorcycle alarm
A two-way alarm is a more advanced system than a basic alarm. It not only sounds a siren to draw attention to suspicious behaviors, but it also sends the owner notifications to a smartphone or keyfob to let them know the alarm has been triggered. This system costs more. And if you’re using a keyfob, you need to keep the battery constantly charged.
But obviously, a two-way alarm is more reliable than a basic alarm, it also provides a feeling of more security for the owner, knowing that the alarm has been triggered if the alarm siren alone can’t be heard by the owner.
A GPS tracking alarm
This is definitely the most advanced system for a motorcycle alarm. If your motorcycle is moved or tampered with, a GPS tracking alarm informs you by sounding an alarm, sending a notification, but also allows you to track the location of the motorcycle in real time.
Monimoto motorcycle alarm is an extremely popular choice because of its innovative functionality and a number of advantages compared to products of other brands.
It is not the cheapest means of protecting a motorcycle, but it provides the highest level of safety and theft prevention. In the event of theft, it helps to locate the motorcycle quickly.
Which one is the best?
The need for motorcycle protection varies from person to person based on the value of the motorcycle, the budget available for protection, and practical considerations such as where to park the motorcycle and using additional security measures.
As it was mentioned before, different types of motorcycle alarms offer unique features and levels of protection. Therefore, if you are concerned about motorcycle protection during long trips, especially when traveling abroad, it is always worth investing in a GPS tracking alarm.
While this may seem like an expensive investment, you can be sure that it will be useful. Especially if you no longer find your motorcycle where you last left it! The value of the GPS motorcycle alarm hardware becomes invaluable when you’re crossing borders or going long distance.
To sum up
So, if you’re doing long distance touring and want the peace of mind of knowing where your bike is at all times, you’ll want to check this out. Of course we don’t want to think about anything bad happening to your motorcycle, sometimes the things simply happen. Security measures make it less likely that unpleasant things will happen. And if the vehicle is lost, with the help of a GPS tracking alarm, you may quickly track it down as well.

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