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Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge - 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

We are pleased to announce the first ever Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge. The idea is that we want to promote more riding on a regular basis amongst the shows that we are friends with. We ride as often as we can, but with day jobs and other obligations we don't ride as often as we would like.

The challenge will start officially August 01, 2016 and will run for the entire month. We'll be do a test run in early July so you may see some test updated below.

While the overall goal of the motorcycle podcasters challenge is to promote riding on a consistent basis, a secondary goal is to share the experience through social media and our respective shows to encourage audience engagement.

Points will be awarded for daily activity with additional mileage being a way to increase points earned. The daily minimum carries more weight as a way to enforce the goal of riding more often.

__2016 Participating Podcasts: __

Loud Pipes! Motorcycle Men Throttled

Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge - 2016 Participants

Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge - 2016 Participants

The follow list of riders from each team are participating in the 2016 Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge:

Rich - @macdracer
Jon - @spdfntk

Rico is unable to participate, but Rich and Jon accept the challenge.

Motorcycle Men:
Ted - @motomenpc
Tim - @motomenpc2
Chris - @wickedclc

Kevin - @lastparrot
Larry - @lawrencef800gs


  • This is a podcast team challenge. The number of members is not important as we take an average of the points for all members of each team.
  • Must be done on a motorized vehicle that requires a motorcycle endorsement and that you to throw a leg over the seat.


__Most points in a calendar month wins as an average of points across all participating members of each podcast. (tie-breaker - is the team that rides in the most inclement weather) __

A max of 10 points per person per day for the following criteria

  • 5 points for riding at least 25 miles in a single day. This will be a 5 point max per day for this criteria
  • 1 additional point for each additional 25 miles up to the daily max.

EXAMPLES for daily total:

25 miles = 5 points

50 miles = 6 points

150 miles = 10 points (max daily per person)

IMPORTANT: Ride information is to be tracked daily by the app Eat Sleep RIDE Motorcycle GPS.

A trophy will be provided to the winning team (RDub Studios will provide) along with any prizes provided by challenge sponsors. The trophy is perpetual and will stay with the winning team until the next challenge, to which a meeting to hand off the trophy will be arranged.

In addition to posting updates to the website, we will be sending periodic email updates, follow the challenge here.

Best of luck to all challenge participants and ride safe everybody!

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95 months ago

The challenge has finished.  We will be having a live stream of the winner announcement at starting at around 9pm EST tonight (Aug 31st).


95 months ago

I noticed that ESR didn't post the 52 miles I did last night after 10 o'clock. So all total I have over 100 miles for today.


96 months ago

Here are the standing after Week 1 of the Challenge:(Points are averaged)

  1. Throttled            46

  2. LoudPipes!          43   -3

  3. Motorcycle Men  14   -29

This challenge has been fun so far and Throttled is making sure everyone is getting out and riding.

Be safe and keep it upright.


96 months ago

This should be fun to watch!!!


96 months ago

@Testcase ....You want in? Bring it!


96 months ago

I must have lost our invite... Or are you... CHICKEN, McFly?


Chuck From the Wheelnerds


97 months ago

bring it on people.  I'm stoked! To infinity and beyond!

larry (AKA lawrencef800gs)(aka Larry of the Throttled Podcast)


97 months ago

I am ready to roll. - Go Team LoudPipes!!!


97 months ago

It's gunna be Totally AWESOME!!


97 months ago

Hey guys, looking forward to watching this play out. We do need a preview image. A good photo of the gang should do it.


97 months ago

I for one listen to all three shows (among others) and cannot wait to see how this pans out. I'm glad to see ESR is helping out!